Let's partner.

iStay works with owners of single family homes, condos, multi-family properties and apartment buildings. We sign multi-year fixed leases and obtain city permits in order to offer housing to our guests and professional clients. Work with us to increase NOI, occupancy and lower financial risks.

Owner benefits.

Our team obtains all necessary local permits at no cost to the owner. Our ID verification and real-time noise monitoring technology ensures safety and security.

ID verification

Our guests and tenants are fully verified before they gain access to the property.

Insurance coverage

We obtain renters insurance in order to safeguard against unexpected.

Local team

Our rapid response local team takes care of our guests and your property at all times.

100% occupancy

Your rents paid each month means no vacancies, no cleaning costs between tenants, etc.

Peace of mind.

We understand the importance of community. Our cutting edge tech and software eliminates bad conduct and ensures neighbors and community members have no complaints.

24/7 in-unit noise and smoke monitoring tech.

Cleaning crew cleans your property between guests.

Frictionless check in, no disturbance to neighbors.

Ensured observance of property rules and policies.

iStay design standard.

Artfully furnished and decorated your property holds more value and attracts better quality clientele.

Work with us.

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